Importance of Health

Kanika Tekriwal wanted to be a pilot since she was a kid but it’s difficult for women in India to get that job, her family said no, her friends said no and her community said no, they said she should own a cupcake shop instead but she didn’t stop.

Belonging to a small town with a conservative marwadi family, any manly dreams were not acceptable from a female. But her secret aspiration and love for becoming a pilot made her take a decision to pack her bags and move to Bombay to figure out a life herself. Bombay was very different; there was no drawing book to fill it with colours of her choice, and there were blank sheets of paper where you have to figure your own life out when she was just 16.

At the age of 20, her parents wanted her to get married, but she had to escape this as there was no going back home and getting married, so with a plan in her mind she came back home to give direction to her vision.Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with cancer in her arm but at that moment she took the decision that “I am going to take control of my destiny and I am stronger than cancer and I am going to come out very very victorious”.


Well, that turned out to be beautifully true.


She said to herself “If I can’t fly the plane I am going to own the plane so she started a private jet company which is like Uber for skies”. 


A lot of people said this is not going to work. But she persisted and Guess What! It worked and now 72 percent of all private jets in India are managed by her.


One incredible fact is that she didn’t let her caged mindset and caged circumstances stop her from becoming what she is today.

The fire inside her and the “right motivation” was the driving force that built her and her life so beautifully.

If every one of us believes in ourselves, in our own dreams we can achieve whatever we set out to, far greater than what you have read till now.


Don’t you feel, you deserve to become financially free, earn respect, build their own identity and on top of that “building an empire” just like Kanika Tekriwal beautifully did? 

And only if we get the right direction and path to step on to the new journey & new perspective of life, through the right motivation which only those people can give who has been through that journey and reached great heights now.

There is so much inspiration and motivation filled in the story of the great warrior Kanika and so is the story of Shivangi desai, Health and nutrition coach. Just imagine the intensity of motivation and inspiration you will get by being around more such warriors and listening to more such incredible stories.

I was astonished to know that 76 years old Doctor Deepak Chopra, author of more than 90 books has “never” fallen sick or had a surgery. This legend holds immense knowledge, experience and depth in the area of health and healing. What made me more happier was that Doctor Deepak Chopra will be coming to India for the first time ever at India’s Biggest Summit- “Growth Summit India”, wherein other international speakers and Health and nutrition coach Shivangi Desai will also be a part of it, at Surat in coming December.


Sometimes life brings us beautiful doors to enter a world to come out of health problems, heal and grow in every aspect of life. We just need to create awareness, see it coming and grab it tight.

There’s ONLY ONE million dollar thing that can help you earn millions of dollars.

It’s health.

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