How did I Make 8 Crores Rupees in Just 10 Months using…?

Offline or Online, Small or Big, Team or No Team, It Does not matter What is Your Business, This Method Works for any Industry in the World

It has made successful People who they are today and It can help You become successful too.

Revealing the Secret of How I Added 8 Crores Rupees to My Revenue in Just 10 Months This Year?

I did not know How will it happen but I knew that I can achieve it Easily with the Connections I have built over 25 Years

After Making an impact in more than 2.4 million People’s Lives, Last Year in December, I made a Goal that I want to Grow my coaching Business Beyond the Boundaries of India. I wanted to Go on International Stages with Big Names in the Coaching Business.

And One day I got a letter from Canada. It was Sunil Tulsiani, an Indian-Canadian Real Estate Multi-Millionaire. He said He wants to meet me. I invited him to my Seminar and He specially Came to India From Canada to Meet me.

He said that He had a Deal for me that is like Dream Come True for any trainer in the world.

I wondered what It Could be? I realised that This Guy has worked with Legends of the Training Industry like Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Robert Kiyosaki, Robin Sharma, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield & many others.

I dreamed of Going International and this was the Opportunity knocking on my door. I took it and collaborate with Sunil Tulsiani.

You won’t believe that This Collaboration Helped me add 8 Crore Rupees to My Revenue in Just 8 Months This Year. That’s Like Double the Previous Two Years’ Revenue together.

Sunil Tulsiani and Brian Tracy are Friends and using Sunil Tulsiani’s Connection, I got to meet my Mentor and Legend of the Training Industry BRIAN TRACY who is Amitabh Bachchan of Training Industry

Not Only That but I got an opportunity to Co-author Book with Brian Tracy.

I met Deepak Chopra MD, International best-selling author, Ig Nobel Prize winner, and a legend with an extraordinary contribution to the world.

I also got to share the Stage with ROBBIN SHARMA, another Legend of the Training Industry. He is the author of the Most Famous Book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and many more..

Why Am I Sharing My Success Story?

It is a Reminder that if You connect with the Successful People in Your Industry, They Can Help You Achieve Success early in Your Life.

No Matter in Which Industry You are in, If You got the Right People with You, They can Take You to the Top.

They say ‘Your Network is Your Net Worth’, True Indeed.

Successful people have been through the Hard stages of life that You are Facing Right now. They know how to get out of it. They know How to avoid Deadly mistakes that can put you in heavy debt. They know how to deal with people in Your Industry. They can help You achieve Your Goals Faster than they have achieved.


Build the Network that Helps You get Nearer to Your Goal Every day and I can Help You Build the Network the same way I have built it with the help of Sunil Tulsiani.


 You can also build Connections with legends having an entrepreneur mindset like DEEPAK CHOPRA, SUNIL TULSIANI and Myself, SNEH DESAI having a networth of +100 crores in GROWTH SUMMIT INDIA 2022 at SURAT.

 Growth Summit India is a Special and Biggest Summit for Businessmen,different types of  Entrepreneurs, Real estate investors, Sales Persons, Trainers and Coaches who are Hungry to Learn and Want to Achieve BIG GOALS in Life.

In a nutshell, if you want to Grow Your Business, Generate More revenue and Connect with the People who are already a success in Your Industry to get entrepreneur ideas 2022.

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