Achieved all of them in his early 20’s only.

Included goals which he didn’t know would be possible. But his complete faith and belief, dedication and consistency, surrender and gratitude made that incredible thing possible”.

As a student, how many times a day, you think about living your Dream life, making your parents feel proud of you, giving them the best life that they deserve, a luxurious bungalow, fancy bank balance and everything on your Wishlist? Does the future scare you? Do you have a fear about achieving your goals? Do you think about career options, career objectives and a right career choice for you?

Well, it’s a good sign!! Why? Because it shows that you are actually serious about your career and future. This seriousness might have made you search on google or you tube about how to start earning as a student and you might have started looking for businessmen, professionals, entrepreneurs, successful start-ups and how young minds like yours have turned into well-known and respected personalities.

Well, you might be curious to know how that 17 year old student became so successful and is living a life which is still unimaginable for many


I want to break out to you the biggest secret behind it.

He never in his life left an opportunity to learn, to meet legends, to follow, to attend different workshops, seminars, conferences and grab even the littlest opportunity to network with people from different backgrounds and businesses, which amazingly helped him to build that fire inside him to spark out his best version and grow his life to the next level.


The more exposure you get, sharpened the more you get carved, the more you start stepping on to the path of growth, success and achieving your dreams and Yes! Giving the best life to your parents.

When you have that intention, desire and focus in your mind, you will start manifesting and attracting people, circumstances and situations which will lead you closer and closer to your dreams. And sometimes we don’t even realise how beautifully life gives you ways and flows such opportunities towards you.

What if you get a chance to be in proximity of international legendary speakers, network people from top professional backgrounds, learn, grow and get ultimate exposure in our India at Surat, Gujarat at India’s Biggest Summit- “Growth Summit  India”.

And you students are the future of India’s Growth.You can be the change maker and contributor to our India’s growth.