What if you could create a multi-million dollar empire simply by using the power of your mind?

That’s what meditation guru Deepak Chopra said 

It’s the ‘Law of Least Effort’.

The doctor and self-help guru, who has written more than one book for every year he has been alive.

He’s 76 years old and has never been in the hospital or had surgery.

He thinks and acts differently at different stages of their growth! This was one of my favourite highlights of the talk.

 Some personalities have a jewel like temperament, to uplift the society favourably which really make amends. Such a persona is Deepak Chopra Ji, his vibrant energy has altered many lives.

1 month back, Sneh Desai Had the amazing privilege of meeting him.


He gave him the answers to every big and small question, made him aware of the philosophy of life, how to reach greater heights, how to move forward, and still stay rooted to the ground, and how to believe in yourself.

Having a guru like Deepak Chopra not only means the only divinity in my life but to achieve all the things that I always wanted to achieve.

 Everyone wants to learn from the best in order to achieve fast results, to network with the best minds around, and to learn from industry experts to become one.


But you’re probably wondering, “Where do I even begin?”Right

Well, to break this to all of you, Deepak Chopra is coming to India for the very first time, just for us. To share his secrets of life, which took him where he is right now.

Sneh Desai is bringing all these international celebrities like DEEPAK CHOPRA, SUNIL TULSIANI, SNEH DESAI, SUNIEL SHETTY and SPIRITUAL MONK GAUR GOPAL DAS who can enlighten us to develop our spiritual 3rd eye because he believes that our country deserves the best.This is something you surely shouldn’t miss if you are a fan of multiplying your wealth, and want to take a step towards personal growth.

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GROW before 2022 ends.

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